Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

Are you passionate about photography and want to earn money by selling online photos, then you must read this article because in this I will tell you about the Top 7 Photo Selling Websites. That is, where you can earn more and more money by selling those photographs online, you will get to know all this in this post. So let’s know in details –

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites (Best Places to Sell Photos Online) :

1. Shutterstock:

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

This website has remained the most popular in the field of stock photography for the last 15 years and today it has a collection of over 200 million online photos. This is the largest online image sale in the world because millions of people visit here every day. Here you can create your contributor account for free.

On Shutterstock, you can also upload Vector, HD and 4K Stock Video and Music track in addition to Image. Here you can also earn up to $ 120 per image. In addition, Shutterstock also gives you a chance to earn from your referral program.

That is, when you refer a customer to Shutterstock, you will earn 20% of their first payment up to $ 200. For example, if you refer a customer whose first purchase is a $ 249 monthly subscription, then 20% ($ 49) will be added to your current account.

Here you have to approve 10 photos in the beginning, for which you can upload any number of photos. For this, your photos should be clicked with a minimum 4 megapixel camera. Here you can take a minimum payment of $ 35.

2. Adobe Stock:

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

This website is considered to be the first stock photography website formerly known as fotolia. It also allows to create a free stock account. It has a large collection of stock photography where millions of people visit this website every day to buy high quality images.

This website pays you 20-60% on the sale of each of your photos. Here you can upload photos of mobile or camera which are clicked with minimum 4 megapixel camera. Apart from this, you can also upload video clips and vector here.

3. Alamy:  

It is a platform for stock photography that claims the highest commission for its contributors. It pays you up to 40- 50% on every download of your photos. Apart from this, if you join its 100% student program then it will share you 100% revenue.

Although there is not much hard and fast rule for your contributors on this website, but only photos taken from DSLR camera are approved here, that means if you do photography with DSLR then this website is the best option for you.

This website makes a payment when you have $ 50 balance in your account, which you can transfer to your bank through Skrill or Paypal account.

4. 500px Prime:

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

About 50 lakh photographers share their photos on this website, which create a very large image collection. This website shares 70% of the revenue on every license to its contributors. Here your first sign up is free. After that it takes some charge from you.

To upload here, you must have a minimum 3MP image in JPEG format, which must be in RGB color mode. Here you can upload your image as creative and editorial licence.

5. SmugMug Pro:

It is a paid website that shares 85% of revenue on every license to its contributors. For this, it will charge you a Pro Subscription at the rate of $ 12.50 per month. This website only approves high quality images.

6. Stocksy:

It is also a good platform for stock photography where you can sell video clips along with your images. You can subscribe to this for free. This website shares 50 to 70% of revenue for each of its image licenses. You can also sell your mobile photos here.

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

According to its policy, the image size should be at least 6 MP and if you upload a video clip, its resolution should be at least 1920 X 1080 which should be at least 5 to 30 seconds. Apart from that, there should not be any type of Logo, Branding Trademark in that video clip.

According to its policy, the photo you upload here cannot be uploaded anywhere else. That is, your photos should be completely exclusive.

7. iStock:

Top 7 Photo Selling Websites | Best Places to Sell Photos Online

This is a micro stock website operated by Getty Images which has 1.5 million customers in 200 countries. About 2 lakh talented contributors work on this website. The age limit for subscribing to it has been set at least 18 years.

Here you have to share 3 to 6 images, videos or illustrations in the starting which is reviewed by the istock team. This website pays its contributors up to 25 – 40% for each image.

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