What Is Quantum Computer and How Does it Work – 2021 Update

What Is Quantum Computer and How Does it Work – 2021 Update

What is a quantum computer, how does a quantum computer work, what is quantum computing used for, what is the benefit of a quantum computer, why is it faster than a Classical computer? Read this article to know the answers to all these questions.

So let’s know what is a quantum computer and what is quantum computing used for?

What is a Quantum Computer?

There has been a lot of change in the field of computers in the recent past. Today’s computers have become much smaller and faster than the initial computers, which has made it easier to do complex calculations. It takes only a few minutes to do many complicated calculations from today’s supercomputers.

Yet today’s computers are not perfect in many ways. They have some common limitations such as: their speed, storage capacity and power consumption problem.

These computers take a lot of time to do very complicated mathematical calculations. So now we need such computers which are better than all the computers of today in every field.

Richard Finman, the scientist first presented his facts in 1981 about the need of Quantum Computers to get rid of the problem caused by the limitations of normal computers.

That’s why companies like Google, IBM, Intel are using Quantum Physics to build computers that we can call future computers or Quantum Computers. These companies have also tested these computers by making these models in their labs and now these companies are preparing to make them completely in the market.

In this way, if Quantum Computer comes to market successfully, then these computers can completely replace all the classic computers nowadays and take their place.

Quantum Computer is the computer of the future. Even today’s super computers will not be able to work at the same speed as these computers will work. These Computers will be 10 times faster than all the Classic Computers of today.

How do Quantum Computers work?

Before knowing Quantum Computer, we get to know the classic computer of today. As we all know that classic computers have three parts – Input Devices, Output Devices and Processors.

Input devices come with Keyboard, Mouse, Touch Screen etc. and Output device includes Display Monitor, Printer, Speaker etc.

Now we talk about the third part i.e. Processor, which we also call the System Unit, which is considered to be the brain of the computer. The processor is the main part of the computer. Any calculation we do on the computer is done by the Processor itself. The processor is also called Circuit Chip. Its size can be from 1 inch to 2 inches. Our computers and mobiles have more than one circuit.

There are Basic Modules inside the Circuit Chip and these Modules are divided into many small Logic Gates and these Logic Gates consist of many small Transistors. For example End Gate 2 consist of transistors. There are millions of Transistors inside our computer.

The transistors act as a switch that allows and intercepts the information. This means that it also acts as an ON for Transistor information and also acts as an Off. This information is in the form of Bites which can be 0 or 1 which is called Binary Digit. Here 0 means Off, 1 means ON.

Classic Computer will either show ‘On’ or ‘Off’ value of data at a time. Therefore Classic Computer gives only one signal at a time. Therefore, this computer performs only one task at a time.

As we all know that computer does not understand words or numbers. He can understand these words or Numbers in the format of 0 and 1 only. Example – If we press 2 from the keyboard of our computer then the computer will think of it as 01 Bits in Binary Digit and similarly if we press 3, the computer will think of it as 11 Bits.

Let us understand it a little better now.

In a classic computer, the data will be either in the format of 0 or in the format of 1. If we look at the possibility of a Bit, then there can be 4 different variables in 1 Bit. For example, there will be either 0 0 or 1 0 or 0 1 or 1 1. These can be 4 possible data. With this combination, the computer’s processor completes any task.

Now let’s talk about Quantum Computers. So in Quantum Computers also the data is in the format of 0 and 1 but every bit in it shows 2 properties. QUBITS is used instead of BITS in Quantum Computers. 1 QUBITS shows values of 0 and 1 simultaneously because QUBITS are in electron form and QUBITS show values of 0 and 1 simultaneously due to Electron’s Double Spinn Position.

We try to understand it in a simpler way. For example, we assume 0 as the OFF condition and 1 as the ON condition. So here Classic Computer will consider 0 as OFF and 1 as ON but Quantum Computer does not. Quantum Computer can understand 0 as both OFF and ON in time.

Similarly, 1 can also be considered as ON and OFF. Hence the processing in Quantum Computer is doubled. As we saw that 1 QUBIT can work double as compared to 1 BIT. In Classic Computer, we get 16 results of different combination by 4 BITS. for example :

0000          0100          1000          1100

0001          0101          1001          1101

0010          0110          1010          1110

0011          0111          1011          1111

Classic computers show only one of these results at a time, but Quantum Computer can work on all these results simultaneously. This means that this computer can do multiple tasks simultaneously. Quantum Computer has 16 combinations by 4 Bits and shows together rather than separately.

In this way, if we increase the number of QUBITS, then 10 lakh results from 20 QUBITS will be obtained in a second. If we calculate 2048 QUBITS Factors, then it will take us many years for this, but with a quantum computer, this work can be calculated in just 1 minute.

Which computer is faster Classic Computer or Quantum Computer?

Computers are made for Special Purpose only. Therefore, all computers compile each task at different times. We try to understand this with some examples like – Suppose if we want to convert 1 GB video file then Classic Computer takes 1 minute to do it. At the same time, the quantum computer will take a little more than 1 minute to do this work because the quantum computer will slow down a bit in such work.

Now, in what ways is a quantum computer the fastest? So let’s take another example for this – if we want to convert 50,000 video files of 1 GB simultaneously, the classic computer can finish itself by completing this task but the quantum computer can complete this task in few seconds Can.

This means that a quantum computer is designed to do a lot of work simultaneously and not to do one thing.

What is Quantum Computing used for?

To know better use of quantum computer, take the example of Weather Forcasting like: If you want to know the weather condition of all the big and small cities in India, then for this, you will have to take the weather data of all the cities of India and this data is very Will be larger.

To analyze such big data, one has to process it simultaneously. Now here the quantum computer will devide it into many small pieces to process the data. Therefore, the entire data will be processed simultaneously and its result will be revealed in a few seconds.

As you all know how important is the time in weather forecasting because if this work is done from a classic computer, then it will take a lot of time in data processing and by the time the results come out, maybe the weather will change recently. In such a situation, incorrect data will appear in Weather Forecasting, which will give wrong information to the people.

Quantum computers can be used in Space Exploration, Robot Science, Medical Research, Research Projects, Advance Gaming, Servers, Weather Forecasting or New Technological Research.

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