How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones – 10 Best Tips

How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones – 10 Best Tips

In this article, we are going to talk about the biggest problem of mobile phones and that is the lack of battery backup of mobile phone. And in this article, you will know How to Increase the Battery Life of Android Phones or how to increase the battery backup of the mobile?

This problem occurs with almost every mobile user. Here I am going to tell you some strong tips for this. So if you want to know how to increase battery backup of mobile, then you must read this post. Here I have shared 10 special tips to increase the battery life of mobile, which will surely work for you.

So let’s know How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones?

How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones?

1- Always use Orignal or Standard Charger only:

The voltage capacity of each mobile is different. Hence their chargers also vary according to the capacity. If we use another charger, then its output voltage capacity may also be different which matches your mobile.

So as far as possible, use the same charger on your mobile. If you ever want to use another charger, check the voltage capacity of that charger. If you do not match, you can still use it, but do not do it again and again.

2- Screen Brightness Keep Low:

The higher the brightness of the mobile, the more the battery of the mobile will be consumed. So always keep the screen brightness low. You can reduce it further at night.

This will give you 2 benefits, one is that your mobile will give more battery backup and second that your eyes will also be safe because the eyes have a bad effect due to the high resolution of the screen.

3- Use Battery Saver Apps:

Battery saver App works to manage battery power for all mobile apps. In this way, this app saves the mobile from having to spend more battery. Nowadays a lot of companies are making such apps. If you want, you can install one of the best battery saver app by searching online.

There are some best Battery Saver Apps that you can use for your mobile such as: – Du battery Saver, Easy Battery Saver, Avast Battery Saver, Battery Doctor etc.

4- Force Stop Extra Apps:

Some apps start running in the automatic background as soon as they turn on the Internet. And in this way, these apps continue to consume battery power as well. Therefore, the apps which are not working for you, you can increase the battery backup of your mobile for more time by force stop.

To stop force, follow this step – setting> Application> select app> force stop

5- Follow some things related to Charging:

Never fully charge the mobile (100%). To charge, charge the mobile between 20% – 80% only. When the battery backup is 20% or less, connect the mobile to the charger and the maximum charging is only up to 80%. With this, the mobile battery lasts a long time.

Never leave the mobile charging at night because it causes a problem of battery failure due to overcharging. By doing this continuously, the backup capacity of the battery starts decreasing.

However, overcharging is not a problem with some new smartphones nowadays, so if you have an old mobile with a removable battery, do not charge them.

6- Don’t keep Internet On for no reason:

Whenever we turn on internet data in our phones, mobiles start spending more power to capture more networks. Therefore, turn on Internet data only when you have to use it. Especially do not turn on the data in a place where the network is weak or there is no signal, because in such a situation, you have to work on the data as well, yet you have to consume a lot of battery power to hold the network.

7- Do not use Live Wallpaper:

You can use any JPG image as wallpaper in your phone, but do not use live wallpaper as the live wallpaper is a GIF file that is much larger than any JPG image file and it requires more battery to run.

8- Use Internet Data No Wifi:

Yes, if you use wifi for the internet, then the mobile battery will be able to give backup for more time than data. So wherever possible use Wifi.

9- Clean the Background Running App:

The background running apps should be kept clean while running the mobile because when we turn on an app, after using it, we go to the cancel button directly and come out. Similarly, we start using the other app as well.

With this, all these apps continue to run in the background and use the mobile battery very much. Therefore, you always kept the background running apps clean before and after using the mobile.

10-Use Flight Mode :

When you are traveling by plane, then you should turn on the flight mode of the mobile because at that time your mobile is not able to catch any network, and in search of the network your mobile consumes a lot of battery power.

The second thing is that if you are in a place where there is absolutely no mobile charging facility and if you want to save battery backup of your mobile, then you should also turn on Flight Mode at such a time. After this, when you need it, you can call the necessary phone by turning it off.

At Last:
So friends, these were 10 special tips to increase the battery life of mobiles, which I also use myself. If you like this information (How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones) and if you have got something to learn from it, then share it with your friends and family too.

Also, if you have any question or suggestion, then let us know by commenting. Thanks for visit here…

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